About SoPraise

We are passionate about helping people appreciate each other. Studies have consistently shown the positive benefits of expressing gratitude. So, we at SoPraise, short form for SocialPraise, decided to create a platform for people to not only express their gratitude but also encourage others to be kind, caring among other positive qualities.

Everyday we are thankful to many people- people helping us with flat tire, helping us at work, making us feel better, laugh a bit, being cared for, being there when needed and understanding us. Now you can express your gratitude towards that person through SoPraise. You might also be motivating others to be nice.

People use SoPraise to appreciate each other and encourage their friends and family to be appreciative of all the kind, good work done to them by others. SoPraise’s mission is to give people chance to thank each other and share that appreciation

Who's behind this?

Ram Gangisetty - an educator inspired by human decency. Ram is behind the vision and concept for SoPraise.

Jared Tame - Designer. Jared is behind the design for SoPraise.

Zach Van Ness - Tinkerer, coder, designer. Zach is behind the coding for SoPraise.